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    Which City’s Virtual Admission Fair are you willing to attend?

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      Which City’s Virtual Admission Fair are you willing to attend?

      Benefits on using our platform

      Easy Access for Student

      Students are able to attend a virtual event rather than a physical one even if it is in a remote location.  Your client/students  just need a minimum 512kbp internet speed or a 3G connection to use the platform.It is easier to login  to a virtual event and avoid the crowd.

      Cost Savings for the Colleges/Client

      Connect with Students without the direct and indirect costs of planning. Virtual job fair costs less than 1/3 of the physical event.

      Easy Setup

      Planning and organizing a virtual event can have much shorter turnaround times than a physical event, hold multiple conversations with Students, allowing Colleges to find Students. Just give us the data and we would assist in putting that data in your Booth.

      College Branding

      Provide us with your University background so that we may update it on the platform. It would be give an exclusive look to your virtual booth.

      Higher Visitors Students

      Virtual job fairs give a global presence to exhibitors. Target marketing will be easy for Colleges to attract the best Students. Engage the candidate pre, during, and post events.

      3D Virtual Booth

      An interactive and company-branded 3D virtual booth gives the immersive experience of virtual booths. Your brand name  would  be shown in the virtual booth, making it easier for the students to search for it.

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